"The Growler" - 64 oz. ~ $14

The Classic

The Growler is a traditional method of serving and transporting beer, going back centuries across all of Europe. There are many beautiful examples of growlers from the past and ones from modern times. You can bring your own (from another brewery, online), or we have Sheps Growlers available for purchase. If you bring one back for another fill, you get a discount! 

The GLASS - 14 oz. ~ $5-6

The International

A classic choice across the pond in the UK, and beyond! The pint is the choice for when you have finished the Flight, and have decided on a beer you want more of! Stick around, take off your coat, and have a chat! You can even buy a glass to take with you- a true collectable!

"The Grumbler" - 32 oz.  ~ $7.50-8.50

The Shorty

The Grumbler's name, as you may have guessed, comes from it being simply a smaller Growler, so instead of a Growl, its just a Grumble.  But don't let its small size fool you! It packs a punch and will leave you wanting more! Same with the growler, you can buy one from us or bring your own.

Tasting Glass - 4 oz. ~ $5-6/flight

The perfect fit!

The tasting glass, as the name implies, is the vessel through which we provide you with a sample of our beers. These tasting glasses are part of our "Flight"- this is a guided sampling of all of our beer on tap, where we walk you through the flavor, feel and process of the beer.

Nano Brewery - Approx 3-9 barrels

the goldilocks zone

Not too big, and not too small- just the right size to provide you with our very best, handcrafted product. While there is no strict definition of a Nano Brewery, its generally accepted that you produce around 3-9 barrels per .

Growlers and Grumblers and Beer! Oh My!

If you are new to the world of Breweries, Nano-Breweries like Sheps, and so on, then you may have some questions about the terminology. We all had to go through a period of learning too, so this page is dedicated to some of the questions you may have had but were too afraid to ask.



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