Family owned and operated

Father and Son team (and Dynamic Duo) Bob and Garrett Shepherd started The Good Shepherds because we specialize in American and English Ales, while still drawing inspiration from the German Style of brewing.

So we found a space; invested time, money, sweat and a whole lot of elbow grease; and brought SHEPS to life. 

Welcome TO SHEPS!

Our Brewmaster Garrett has been refining his craft for over a decade, starting from his first few beers in the 2000's, bottles a few years later, and moving onto kegs about 7 years ago. He traveled to Europe to find the best tasting recipes and techniques, and brought them back here for us to enjoy. Each recipe we use has been painstakingly tested, improved, and tested again, to make sure that each one of our beers is something we can be proud of.

A strong sense of community and a steadfast support of LOCAL BUSINESS is a critical tenet of the Good Shepherds Brewing Company. We couldn't survive without the incredible, strong support of the town of Auburn and Cauyga County and beyond.  We are nothing without you- thank you for your support!


We offer flights/tastings, pints, and growler fills. Have your own growler? Bring it in, we don't discriminate! Dont have your own? Well we have one just for you.

A nano-brewery in Auburn, NY -

right in the heart of the Fingerlakes 

  • Sheps Pale Ale
  • IPA
  • Double IPA
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Imperial Stout
  • Blueberry Pils
  • Hurricane Hailey Blonde
  • Sheps Porter 

The Good Shepherds Brewing Company


about us


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